My latest work from 2018. A commercial for the Heaven Labs s.r.o..
Lead animator, generalist and head of the 3D pipeline, where I was responsible for the setup and management of the production pipeline and the functioning of the 3D department and its documentation, whilst doing this whole commercial in just two 3D artists and one compositor. (modelling, rigging, animation, vfx)

Animation reel until 2017

Graduation project
This is my Graduation project,  with which I successfully graduated during 2013.
Software used: Maya, Zbrush, Photoshop, Premiere, After Effects. Rendered with Mental ray in Maya.

Full list of used sounds from image to view):

I was one of the animators working on the feature movie "Goat story with cheese". My assignment consisted out of animating and finalizing given animation shots according to given storyboard, reference materials and guidelines that were given and discussed during short briefings. I have been animating over 15 characters and objects, setting up scenes and creating layout of some shots. I was also responsible for preparing some of the final shots for Syflex simulations and worked together with the Director and the Lead Animator for improvement of the shots, acting and the high animation standard. 

Animation Reel 2011
The video shows a compilation of animations I have done. Except for one rig (parkour, voice over), I did all the other rigging, set driven keys and constrains used for the animation. More about rigging I have done, see my second video below "Rigging".

Poses drawing I made for the Parkour animation you can see in my Animation Reel above.

The video shows use of switchable IK/FK limbs rig, IK spine spline, arm expressions, pole vectors, set driven keys and constrains. For some of these methods, I did some scripting, which is not shown in the video.

Here are some pose renders I made for an assignment to show different emotions of a character:
(model/rig by James Hunt)

Devastated                                                                            Exhausted

Remorse                                                                                Euphoria

Pride                                                                                    Disappointment