Time of Light
A published game, made by 7 people (2 programmers and 5 artists).
Role: artist.

Time of Light is a school project, we made during gamelab in a half school year, one day a week, which is 14 days in total.
It is a 3D Pinball game, made in Arauna, real-time ray traced.
At this project I worked mostly on modeling the test level, the gramophone, the cannon, the rails and making sure the overall level was right and without any geometry errors, that would make the game unplayable.

Downloadable version of the game available at:

A Real Time Strategy game (RTS), project made by 13 people, consisting out of 4 programmers, 1 designer and 8 artists, in one and half school year, one day a week, which is 42 days in total.
Role: Art lead and QA lead.

It is a space RTS game, with time as the unique selling point and resource.
My role at this project was Art lead and QA lead, I had to take care of the art part of the game, communicate with our team leader and programmers, making sure artists knew what to do and do it well, as was required for the quality we wanted. Also I had to communicate with our playtesters and grade them. Besides all that, I was also modelling, texturing and managing all the art work that has been deliverd and make sure it was well exported and worked in game.
It was a great project and I learned a lot from it.