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We Are Hiring

1. Looking for remote Unreal Engine artists and/or 3D Generalists
(project based at the moment)

You will be helping with commercials or video mapping projects visible worldwide.
We render in Unreal Engine 5.
(experience in 3D software packages like Maya preffered. UE is priority, or willingness to learn).

Experience: junior / mid-level

2. Looking for remote 2D Post-production artist

(project based at the moment)

You will be adding the final touch to the projects,such as:

2D effects, compositing, color, export.

Prefferably After Effects, but the result is what counts, not the software.

Experience: junior / mid-level

We also offer Apprenticeship | Internship Programs!

All positions are preffered remote.

Get in touch below.



gsm: +420 732 252 498

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