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America's Got Talent 2022 Kristy Sellers Finals Full Performance & Intro

America's Got Talent 2022 Kristy Sellers Finals Full Performance & Intro

America's Got Talent 2022 Kristy Sellers Finals Full Performance & Intro

America's Got Talent 2022 Kristy Sellers Semi Final Week 5 Full Performance & Intro

Prepare to be Amazed by This Jaw-Dropping Audition From Kristy Sellars | AGT 2022

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BEDNAR: Animation of the use of the OMEGA OO_FL seed drill in practice | EN



3D Generalist

"For more than a year I have intensively worked with Jan on various projects that included product visualizations and animations, as well as the complex character CosmoApe.
Jan is a very skilled and experienced 3D animator and rigger who can work fast and efficiently. In addition, he is a very good 3D generalist who can handle everything from model creation, through textures, rigging, animation and up to render. Very important is Jan's ability to write scripts in MEL / Phyton to make the work much more efficient. We used this to optimize the 3D pipeline, where Jan developed his own set of tools for exporting animation data and importing them into the render scene, which made the recurring processes much faster and helped us solve some of the shortcomings. I like Jan's reliability, systematicness and understanding. He is able to adhere to the task but also to offer a better solution and to identify possible problems. If you are considering working with Jan on a small project, or inviting him to a team to work on a larger project, you will definitely be satisfied with him. "


Head of Production

"It was always pleasure to work with Jan. He has very good eye for animation and details. Ones he is in the animation team, you don't have to worry about the result. Jan has also a very good modelling and light/render skills. Looking forward to work with him again."


Creative Director / Lead animator

"I worked with Jan on a 3D animated feature. He is a talented 3D animator with passion for his work. He also learns very quickly and is very easy to talk to. It makes the collaboration very productive. It was my pleasure to work with him."


Co-Founder of Heaven Labs

"Jan is a very intelligent person who is humble and above all very capable.
The perfect collaboration he has always gone into with full force has assured us that it is possible to operate both in remote mode and in-house in the same quality. Jan has excellent integrity and fulfills deadlines, with his parts of the project which were always perfectly timed. In addition to being a great animator, he has a great aesthetic feel for composition and has mastered managerial skills. At the beginning of his collaboration, he set up the entire pipe-line in the team, and also works perfectly with Gantt and other management tools. Our cooperation ended with the end of the project.
We can highly recommend Jan and believe that he will be a great member of your team. 👍🏻"


The journey through the 3D world of Jan began with the study of the visual arts art discipline, focusing on Animation in Holland, where he subsequently had the opportunity to work as an internship  animator on a Czech feature film  in Prague. After successfull graduation, Jan worked in the animation studio Eallin in Prague as a 3D Animator and Generalist, where he worked on a number of TV series and many worldwide commercials. His latest job position was remote Lead animator, Generalist and Head of the 3D pipeline at Mana in Prague, where he was also responsible for the setup and management of the production pipeline and the functioning of the 3D department and its documentation.

NOW Jan has become a freelancer, at your service!

Jan is a problem solver with a can-do attitude.

His domains are 3D Animator and 3D Generalist, with over 8 years of experience.

He posseses significant skills in the fields of animation, modelling, rigging, Mel scripting, lighting, rendering and pipeline & project management.

He has experience in various 3D software packages, intermediate Vfx skills and he recently started getting into Python. 


According to your needs, I can provide a part for your production, but also a complete product from storyboard to final video.
Animation, previz, layout, modelling, rigging, lighting, shading, rendering and tool scripting.

Pipeline & Project management.